Mount Zion Cemetery
Midlothian, Texas

Mount Zion Cemetery was offically named in September, 1873 when the members of the small community met to organize a Presbyterian church on the grounds of a cemetery which had been in use since before 1860.  When the church was organized, a building was built for the purposes of a church and a school, but was disbanded before World War I and feel into disrepair.  The earliest known grave was of an Indian buried there in the 1850's on the hillside.  The earliest dated marker in the cemetery is for Sarah Witherspoon, June 25, 1832 - Novemeber 25, 1857.  The Witherspoons and Jenkins were some of the earliest settlers in the area.  Alexander and Sarah Jenkins donated the land for the cemetery on December 2, 1862.  The Witherspoons, Jenkins, and Garvins used the cemetery in the earliest years, with many of their ancestors buried there.

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